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Have you ever heard the saying "Vision leaks"? Well, it's true. Whether it's in your relationships, your business, with your employees, investors or those your trying to reach. You may find yourself repeating yourself and feel alone at times when it comes to carrying the vision. Do you feel you're not getting results you've hoped for? Say these words with me: "It's not you, it's me"

1) Everything rises and falls on leadership. How and who we lead will determine our outcome. In order for others to grow, we must grow.

How do we achieve the ultimate vs. the immediate?

I've spoken to many business owners who have invested in staff only to see them move on to the "next big thing" or for a slight pay increase elsewhere. We need to be intentional with choosing the right people, helping them find the right fit and then walking the journey with them.

2) You choose who you lose: This is also true that you choose who you keep. I find our time and attention is usually misdirected towards our biggest distractions vs those that are most loyal and are getting the biggest results. Remember, what you tolerate becomes your standard. Raise the standard and focus on those you want to keep.

3) Invest Quality Time: Change is a process, not an event - Be aware of how much time you are willing and able to invest in others. Invest in those that will invest in others. Look for ways to add value to their lives. Remember to see the bigger picture. In order for you to succeed, they must succeed. What is their big dream? what are they truly passionate about it?

I've learned these steps to be helpful when it comes to mentorship:

a) Watch me do it: Have them simply observe, take notes and ask questions. Focus not as much on how or what you did, but why you did it.

b) Do it with me: The key is together. Don't just give a task and then leave. Side by side complete the tasks, develop a relationship through leading with vision, solving problems and building trust & confidence with those you are mentoring. Make sure to celebrate their wins!

c) You do it: Use wisdom with what and when you can trust them to do. There's a principle I've learned: If they can do it 70% as good as you it's time to hand it over. I say if they can do it 50% with momentum, let them do it. Don't forget to follow-up and have them come to you if they are struggling or are unsure. I find most people already have the answer, they just need empowerment. Responsibility without authority is frustrating.

d) Now go and teach someone else: This step is overlooked too often. This final step is important if you want to see the utmost growth in those you are mentoring, as well as multiplying your vision and culture.

About Me.

I believe there is greatness inside of everyone. I believe you were designed on purpose for a purpose and that It's your difference that creates your reward.

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