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Take Aim & Take Action

How do you move from a desire to your destiny?

1. Take Aim:

"know what to focus on."

It’s time we aim in the direction of our destiny. Vague Vision leads to Vague Results.

You need a visible target, a point of reference. There's a life meant for you, waiting to be crafted by you. Notice that wherever your head turns, the rest of you follows. Taking aim requires clear vision and focus.

"It's time to feed your focus and starve your distraction."

2. Take Action:

Invest your time, strength and energy in what's most important. Little action, leads to little results, Big action, leads to big results. If we don't take action we won’t get action.

"It's easier to steer a moving truck, then a parked one. "

A) Change your Story - The story you have about yourself, your life or your situation. If you're not seeing breakthrough it’s because of the story you tell yourself that’s making you stuck. It’s a story that you tell so often that you begin to believe it. You can analyze it to the place that you paralyze it!

When you change your focus you change your feelings. You've got to get the break through on the inside before you get the break through on the outside.

“Divorce your story and marry your truth”

B) Change your Strategy - This is what most people are looking for. If you get the right strategy it will change your story. Once you start getting momentum, seeing results, your story about yourself and about and others begins to change. Once your story changes, your belief changes. If you don't know the purpose of something you'll abuse it. So have a strong WHY in your strategy. This is the key to commitment.

“If you don't know the why, you’ll say goodbye"

C) Change your State: The way to change your state is to make radical changes. The quality of your life is your ability to mange your state. Your behaviour is the result of the state you’re in. Take Action. . Determine your non-negatiables. Smile even when you don't feel like it. Motion creates emotion. Commit to exercise and proper nutrition.

"Move from surviving to thriving"


Aim: What am I aiming at?

Action: What action will I take today?

Story: What would I have to believe about myself in order for this to happen?

Strategy:Determine your Why: What would go undone if you didn't achieve your dreams? Why you, Why now? Write out your plan: What will you commit to doing daily, weekly, monthly, yearly?

State: What are the non-negotiables I need to have in order to change my state?

About Me.

I believe there is greatness inside of everyone. I believe you were designed on purpose for a purpose and that It's your difference that creates your reward.

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