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Wake Up!

Wake Up: By Default or by Design

How successful people start their day

How do you wake up every morning? Do you wake up by default or by design? Do you wake up on purpose for a purpose or do you wake up like life is just an accident? If you’re like many people today you are going to work to help develop someone else's dream. You may have lost your passion or plateaued. You morning routine has become predictable. Life has become predictable. We are creatures of habit. Habits shape our believes and our results. In order to become different we must do different. How do you move from the ordinary to the extraordinary? From surviving to thriving? It’s all about purposing your time and how you invest it.

Now is your time! Let’s beginning.


You must first make a choice the night before. Predetermine your plan of action. When you wake up your mind and body are usually at a state of tiredness or rest depending on the quality of sleep you had the night before. Choose to be thankful in the morning. A lot of mornings you won’t “feel it” You won’t feel like getting up, you won’t feel like going to work, but remember: “You’re not what you feel, you are what you decide” If you focus on the negative feelings, you are making a choice to have a lousy day.

* List 3 things you are thankful for every morning.


Are you ready to tackle the 4am or 5am alarm clock. Are you prepared for the opportunities that a wait you. Are you waiting for life to happen to you or are you making life happen for you.?

The definition of readiness is:

A. The state of being fully prepared for something. Prepare you mind: Decide when you’ll wake up and what you will do. This put’s your subconscious in a state of readiness for the next day. Make sure that your tools and resources you’ll need for the following morning are sharpened and ready to use.

B. The willingness to do something. The will is a powerful thing, even more powerful then physical or mental strength. You can be the strongest, smartest person in the world, but if you don't have the heart for it you won’t succeed.

C. Immediacy, quickness, or promptness: Timing is everything. What you do today will determine how you live tomorrow. Don't wait for tomorrow when you can do it today! Otherwise life will just happen to you instead of for you.

Execute:. Your ability to execute in the time and manner will determine where you end up in life, either by default or design. “Hard work, really works”.

The definition of execute is to:

A.To carry out or effect a plan of action.

Failure to plan is planning to fail.

Or The legal term:

B To carry out a sentence of death.

Either your bad habits die or your dreams die.

Accelerate “Begin to move more quickly. Increase in amount or extent.”

Don't get comfortable. If you always move at the same pace you’ll arrive in the same place.

Momentum: “the quantity of motion of a moving body, measured as a product of its mass and velocity. The force gained by a moving object.”

Continue to gain momentum in your actions and you’ll gain momentum in your results and beliefs. Little momentum equals little results. Greater momentum equals greater results!

About Me.

I believe there is greatness inside of everyone. I believe you were designed on purpose for a purpose and that It's your difference that creates your reward.

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