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Deadly D's

In pursuit of your purpose there are 4 deadly “D’s” to be aware of. Success leaves clues and so does failures. If we learn from our mistakes we can learn to fail forward. If we don’t, we become stuck and pragmatic. We may experience achievements yet feel a lack of fulfillment, regret and even loss.

“Productivity without passion & purpose leads to pain”

Not that we can avoid pain, but we can pick our pain. There are 2 types of pain: “The pain of life” and the pain of not pursuing the life we were designed to live. CAUTION “these are tensions to manage, not problems to solve” What I mean is: this will always be a tension to manage in life. Once you are aware of where you are at you can define where you are going and what to correct.

“Awareness is the beginning of transformation” Here are the patterns to avoid: Distraction: The more successful a person becomes the more “opportunities” arise. “Not every good thing is a God thing.” In today’s society it is easy to become distracted. The key is not the distraction, but distraction from what? For most people it’s not a lack of good intentions, but a lack of direction. If we tolerate certain distractions in our lives, what we tolerate becomes our standards.


A) What must I pursue and why? B) What is a common distraction in my daily life? Discouragement: Stage 2, we slip into the emotional stage of discouragement. We may be busy, but busyness isn’t always productiveness. We can experience great achievements that aren’t inline with our vision and still feel discouraged. It’s not a lack of prevision, but a lack of purpose. We’ve begun to drift, but we’re not shipwrecked yet.

"You're not what you feel, you're what you decide"


A) Where have I felt discouraged lately and WHY?

B) What will I purpose to do different?

"Don't wait to feel and then move, move and then you'll feel" Division: This is where we experience multiple Visions (Die-Vision) We become misaligned from our purpose. “When we don’t know the purpose of something we abuse it” There is a lack of unity from within. When we experience it on the inside we experience it on the outside.

"When we are misaligned, we miss out."

Believes, health, relationships, finances, and passions start to fade. We become spread thin, worn out and may experience burn-out.

Questions: A) Narrow the focus: Clearly define your mission, your vision and purpose? B) Where have I become divided? Disengagement: Finally we disengage from our dreams, relationships and our beliefs. We experience more and more negative B.S. We adopt a false Belief System about ourselves and others. We loose the sight, the mighty and ultimately the fight.


A) Where have I disengaged? B) From who and what and why have I disengaged? Here are the habits to create: Reflect: Throughout the day and at the end of your day pause and reflect on what you are called to, and what you are called through. Journal your observations and categorize where you may have become distracted, divided, discouraged or disengaged. Regroup: Always get back to the place of unity and love with yourself and others. “Know thyself” Regroup your thoughts, emotions, goals and strategies. Plan what you will do different tomorrow and who you will do it with. “You are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most with” Prioritizes, Organize and discipline.


A) What will I do different tomorrow?

B) Who will I do it with?

Re-create: There are 3 categories that haven been proven to help you re-create: Nature, Fitness and Positive Relationships. In those areas define what that looks like to you and what you will commit to doing. In order to poor out, you must first poor in.


A) What re creates me? B) What will I do to create myself tomorrow, this week, this month and this year?

About Me.

I believe there is greatness inside of everyone. I believe you were designed on purpose for a purpose and that It's your difference that creates your reward.

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