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Destination Drift

Do you ever feel like you are drifting, floating through life. Most people spend their life floating down the river of life going where ever the current leads them without even putting their paddles in the water. 1) KNOW THYSELF:

Identify who you are and stop the apologies. Become greater then you naturally are by becoming emotionally invested in what you are. Embrace the struggle, challenge the process and advance your expectations. You never reach another level when you become comfortable with the level you’re on. People get too tied up in other people’s opinions. How you think about yourself will determine what others see and think about you. We should care how those closest to us view us, but they are not the determining factor, you are. The future you, should be the person you keep on chasing and inspire to be. 2) FUEL THYSELF:

If you want to be someone who succeeds and leaves a legacy you need to define: What fuels you? The reason you become lazy is not because you don't have the ability, time or resources, it’s because your vision is too small. A dream is like a fire: for it to grow it needs fuel and oxygen. What’s fueling you? Who's feeding your fire? Are you starving for air? Set Goals: Dare yourself to commit to working on you for the next 6 months. Eliminate all excuses, shut out all distractions, remove everything that is keeping you from your dream.

A) Make a list of all the distractions in your life. B) Get rid of them.

Distracting Things: If they are still of value, donate them to charity or sell them and use the money to invest in your dream. By doing so you will turn a liability into an asset. Distracting People: I believe people are the greatest value, however some people will inspire you, uplift you and drive you to pursue your goals, others will not. Remove the “will not’s” or “can not’s” At least for a season. It may be: “no for now, but not forever”

C) Set boundaries:

Choose your playing field. Know where you will thrive and not just survive. Just like in the game of life you need to define when you are winning and loosing, offside or out of bounce. Define penalties, rewards and remember to keep score. “You can’t manage what you don't measure” DRIVE THYSELF:

Get moving. “It’s easier to steer a moving boat then a parked one” Every now and then we find a current. Make sure when you find yours, its the one that will take you to were you desire to be. Most of life's journey will be moving against the current so don't spend all your time looking for it. Most lead to the ocean and the ocean is vast. The majority end up in the ocean, in the same place in life. Don't settle for similarity: “Similarity creates comfort, but it’s your difference that creates your reward” Paddling upstream means you are being elevated. The higher the elevation, the higher the perspective. The higher the perspective, the vaster the vision.

About Me.

I believe there is greatness inside of everyone. I believe you were designed on purpose for a purpose and that It's your difference that creates your reward.

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