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Kam Sparks


Musician & Award Winning Professional Barber

I'd like to take this time to introduce you to the one and only Kam Sparks!

"Similarity creates comfort, but it's your difference that creates your reward"

It's my honour and privilege to share the story of my good friend, barber and musician: Kam Sparks. I was one of his first clients and have seen him excel and grow in his passion. 2 Years ago I sat down in his chair and have been going to him ever since. He has been an inspiration to me any many others that have had the privilege to sit in his chair and hear and be a part of his story. I felt that his story is too good to keep to myself so I though I would take the time to share it with you.

Matt: "Tell me why and how you became a barber?

Kam: "It was crazy, I never wanted to become a barber, It was like my life lead up to becoming a barber"

When he was a kid he never went to the barber shop until he was 16 years old. His family couldn't afford to take him to the barbershop so his dad would cut his hair. One day when he was 13 he said, "Dad your haircuts suck!" So his dad told him, "Alright then, do it yourself." So he did. A couple years later at 16 his best friend had a bad haircut at a barber shop and asked if he could cut his hair. He took the challenge and cut his friends hair. The next day at school his peers saw his friend's haircut and were impressed. They all asked were he got it done and his friend said, "Kam did it"! All his friends were like, "Yo Kam, you need to cut my hair!" So he began cutting his friends hair out of his garage.

With plans to go to University he moved to Halifax and worked at a fast food restaurant until he could save up enough money to purchase some decent haircutting tools. He entered into University and began cutting out of his dorm room. A couple months into school his haircuts became popular around campus. Word got around to the barbershop on campus that there was this kid cutting hair on campus, so they sent a kid to come kind him. They offered him a job and Kam started his apprenticeship.

Matt: "Tell how you got into the music industry?"

Kam "Music has always been in my blood"

Kam comes from a family of musicians. His father was a professional musician in gospel music. Kam has other family members that have been on broadway. At age 17 He met a friend named Andrew who was a music producer who taught him how to make beats. He wrote and produced music and D.J for parties. After awhile he felt he was loosing his authenticity and that he was just making music for the mainstream.

A year later he moved to Calgary, AB with just a suitcase, $200 in his pocket and a dream of perusing his passion for music. When he first moved to Calgary he broke his laptop and he could barely afford rent. He started working at South Trail Barber and began to save up again for a new laptop and started back up writing songs and producing music. He met another barber, Ed who also has a love for music. The two of them wrote and produce a song: "No Time" which became a hit. It was Ed who got him back into music. This last summer he was asked to perform on Stage at Calgary Stamped.

"You are the sum of the 5 people you hang around the most"

Kam: "It's been a fun journey, but I believe things are about to shift, because I have bigger dreams."

Matt: "What would you say to someone who is pursuing their dreams?"

Kam: "i would say, If you feel like you're on the path to get where you want to be, continue on that path and don't be lead astray by temptation. Continue to evolve to be the best version of yourself you can be. Strive to help others when you can even if it's just to put a smile on their face, because you never know who will help you reach the dreams you have"

"It's okay to change your vision along the way, as long as you continue to have a vision and strive for success at all costs. And stay humble. Let your actions and achievements speak for themselves. Listen to your elders, listen to your mentors, learn from others mistakes more than making them on your own. Never forget that there is always more to learn and as long as you are learning and striving for knowledge in your life, you will continue to grow, mentally, physically and spiritually. Never forget who you are".

"And it's very important to recognize the company you keep around you. You need people in your life who have a similar mindset or at least will push you through the hard times. Also, don't focus on the money, because I always look at it as if all of the success you wish for in your life is right in front of you, behind different doors.

Don't just lease your life, lead your life. Lead with vision instead of finances - Matt Funk

"Some doors have more risk than others, but you can always recover from a loss and the biggest risks have the biggest rewards. Don't be afraid to open that door, because success is waiting for you. You just have to be ready for it."

"And have an idea of what success is to you. Shape your success to your values. Wether it be family, friends, happiness, whatever it is, you have to find what success is to you inside yourself. And stay true to that throughout your journey."

"When you get comfortable, it's time to evolve and expand your goals and make the most of your opportunities because you never know when you'll get another one "

- Kam Sparks

About Me.

I believe there is greatness inside of everyone. I believe you were designed on purpose for a purpose and that It's your difference that creates your reward.

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